26 March, 2015

The Rite of Spring

In this Rite of Spring time of year when Mother Nature seems to have little control over her thermostat, I can hear my flesh and blood mother reciting, "Spring has sprung. The grass has riz. I wonder where the warm weather is." She did this every year she lived. Of course when my own daughter/best friend was born she got the poem in duet from her grandmother and her mother. One of the greatest gifts I've ever been bestowed was to know my mother and my daughter when we were all adults. We were, naturally, at varying stages of adulthood, but we were women at the same time.
The theory about certain qualities and traits skipping generations proved true for us. While I'm not mean or vindictive, my mother and my daughter were born with the capacities of kindness, patience and generosity in which I'm somewhat lacking. I am the mayo in a Great Women's Sandwich. By the time you read this, I'll have called my daughter and our Rite of Spring will once again be completed.


09 December, 2014

News Flash - This Just In

News Flash - This Just In

A raucous turf war, with unseen provocation, erupted in Hiawassee, GA on December 7. No weapons were brandished, but tail feathers in full-fan were in full view. There was much bobbing and waddling and non-verbal, but audible accusations were hurled like spears.

Rabble 'rousing hecklers (and Jecklers) seized the diverted attention of usual adversaries to get in a few fowl kicks of their own, with no fear of retaliation. (Crows are smart that way.)

After the requisite amount of gesturing and posturing, conflict ended abruptly like a rogue summer cloudburst and harmony returned to the 'hood.

An on-line search explained the turkey-trot rumble as a preseason mating ritual that toms are compelled to do.

Men. Go figure.


11 November, 2014

Halloween Ain't for Sissies

Murder at the Old Cadbury Mansion

A chicken, a pig, and three cast-iron mice walked into a bathroom. This is not the start of a joke. It was the start of turning the guest lounge and dining room of Chancey Hill Inn into the Old Cadbury Mansion for our Murder Mystery Weekend. We put the unneeded items in the half-bath of the innkeepers' quarters. A few changes of pictures on the wall and props in place, the dinner to honor the Golden Grove Historical Society was launched.

Four of our mayhem-seeking guests had stayed with us before. Six were unmet friends. Oh boy. We all had a bang-up good time.

As the murder was unscripted, our cast used their intelligence and their eerily good senses of timing and humor to keep us laughing in fun and amazed at the talent of all. From the lovely Victorian dress of Mrs. Cadbury to the almost Quaker-like attire of the nanny, each and every outfit was smartly constructed to add realism and fun.

We're already scheming our next caper.

27 October, 2014

Selected Sister

Selected Sister

Business blogs probably shouldn't be too personal. Please indulge me this one. We're sort of a mixture of Lucy and Ethel, but we don't do no "splainin" to Ricky and Fred, aka Jody and John. We're a little like Thelma and Louise. Up for a good road trip with shopping and festival sprees, but without the blowing up of trucks, murder, and driving off a cliff. She comes through with kids' umbrellas, and powerful purse-sized flashlights, when we're caught by rain in the dark*. 

She gives and takes comfort to and from me, and I to and from her. We don't really know each others religious or political leanings. We don't care, and our pasts are just that. World Peace is a lofty wish. Attainable? I'm not sure. But I also wish for all people a dear friend like mine. To borrow the message from a greeting card, "She always has my back without once mentioning the size of my butt."

"Happy Birthday, Cheri, my selected sister. I love you"


* Always hang with a former elementary school teacher. They can do anything and keep their cool while doing it.

11 September, 2014

New Year's Eve Celebration 2014

New Year's Eve, 2014

One of the most enjoyable times we had last year (both our guests and us) was attending the First New Year's Eve Wine Dinner at Crane Creek Vineyards. And we're headed that way again this year. The great people at Crane Creek exceeded everyone's expectation.

Last year we experienced a winederful five course dinner, wines with each course, live entertainment (we didn't go "dancing in the streets," just inside the event center), transportation to ease everyone's concerns about driving on such a busy night, and wine.

Because everyone had such a great time, we've put together an Events package for the evening. You'll enjoy the dinner, including the wine, music and entertainment, transportation, gratuities, lodging with us, and of course breakfast New Year's morning. See our Events page for details. The dinner sold out quickly last year, so book this event soon.

I wouldn't be surprised if the crew at Crane Creek doesn't have a unique way to ring in the New Year. 


04 September, 2014

Murder at the Old Cadbury Mansion : October 31 thru November 2, 2014

What better time for a murder than Halloween – or the day after?

Who, or what, is the killer?

Join us October 31 – November 2 for “Murder at the Old Cadbury Mansion,” and play a part in the act that threatens to disrupt the dinner party given in honor of The Golden Grove Historical Society.

We’ll gather after Trick or Treat on Friday evening to meet the fellow guests over wine and nibbles. And Saturday evening the homicidal festivities begin at the Cadbury Mansion. This is a new mystery for us, and I’m sure everyone (except perhaps the victim) will have a fantastic weekend.

See our Events page for the details.

04 June, 2014

Taste of the Southern Highlands

Yesterday evening was the 9th Annual Taste of the Southern Highlands here in Hiawassee, a food competition for local restaurants. This is a fundraiser for The Towns County Family Connection, a partnership of organizations that work together to help meet the needs of children in our community.

Dale has been one of the food judges the last two years, but unfortunately was not feeling well, and asked me (of all people) to fill in for her. I felt completely out of my league compared to her and the other culinary experts.

The other judges for the competition were surprised when Judge Johnny arrived to participate. After carefully listening to their suggestions, and feeling overwhelmed, one of the others calmed me with "Just tell us what tastes better to you."

The food samples began arriving, and the tasting began. While I certainly don't have  a very educated palate, I do know what is good to me and what isn't. While I didn't want to sound like a complete doofus, I was surprised when, upon tasting the second offering, I blurted out "Not for me."

One of the others responded, "Why? Too bland, too subtle a taste, too what?" My response, "Not very good." I then began to learn the lingo of food judging. "Not quite enough salt," or "A little heavy on the sour cream."

As I relaxed I really began to focus on the foods. And I was surprised at how I began to experience the subtleties of the taste. Sure I still blurted out some very gourmet thoughts. "This is out of this world." "Has to be the best I've ever tasted." "I could gorge on this three meals a day." "Are you going to eat the rest of that, or can I have it."

Needless to say, I really enjoyed the food. Wouldn't mind being the "Taster of the Southern Highlands" again next year.