10 February, 2020

Royal Bank of Hiawassee

Ring, Ring.  "Hello, Rexall Drug Store. May I help you?"

"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"

"Yes we do."

"Well, you better let him out before he suffocates."

It's an old joke, but I'm an old woman. Chancey Hill Inn is located in the pleasant Hiawassee Overlook neighborhood. Although in the city limits, it seems miles away. Most of the residents here have the same lawn mowing service which makes things easier for mower and mowees. The old and the new entrance signs and surrounds have been neatly trimmed and maintained for years, befitting the pride of the families living here. Then, low and behold, a shabby, neglected pall crept into the pretty walled area beneath our sign. After a bit of sleuthing it was learned that one of our dear, generous neighbors had been footing the bill for the maintenance for well over 10 years. She had nailed an old Prince Albert tobacco can to a secret spot known only to her and Terry, the man who mows most of the lawns here. Every month she left the payment in the (upside down, so it wouldn't get wet) tobacco can in a hidden spot so it could be retrieved without Terry even having to dismount his riding lawn mower. She is also considerate. For years and years their secret was kept and the faded, obsolete Prince Albert can served as a bank between the two. 

When this great act of kindness, and its unfairness, was uncovered  we oblivious neighbors, who thought that grass had been self cutting and weeds non-existent because we wanted them to be, finally stepped up to our responsibility. When Nancy, our benefactor, offered to pay what she called "her share," I was again humbled by her generosity and thoughtfulness. We are indebted to her, not just monetarily, but for the example she set for being a good neighbor. And for the record, it was not Nancy who disclosed the need for The Royal Bank of Hiawassee.

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