06 November, 2019

Finally Fall

Finally Fall

Fall has finally arrived, and it is breathtaking this year. Leaves are turning colorful - yellow, brown, red, and still some green. Cooler air after the brutal heat of this past summer. And the turkeys are strutting their stuff at Chancey Hill Inn.

We've had a little more rain than over the summer months, and now a wider variety of temperatures. It's about time.

Fall is our busiest time of year as folks want to get away for a few days and relax in the mountains and enjoy the lake views. There are also a lot of fall activities taking place in the area. And we're seeing both friends that have been visiting often with us for several years, as well as many people that haven't seen much of the area. We really enjoy meeting new people and catching up with those we have enjoyed time together with.

Come see us in the mountains. 


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