17 August, 2019



She had never laid eyes on me before. To fondly recall an old saying used by my mother, she didn't know me from Adam's house cat.

I wasn't there to browse. I was on a mission. I'd stopped to buy stencils for a project at our newly purchased bed and breakfast inn in Hiawassee, the county seat of Towns County, GA.

She greeted me warmly and when asked, told me exactly where to find the object of my desire. After selecting, I placed the stencils on the counter to begin our transaction.

Obeying the edict from the never leave home without it crerdit card company, I proceeded. "We don't take credit cards" she politely said. I had, however, left home without money. I had not a penny to my name. "I'll dash home for the money and be right back" I said. "Just take them with you and pay me when you're back this way."

Did I hear that correctly? Yes, I had. I drove home in a state of shock with the stencils. I promptly took the money for the items to Noblets 5 & 10. Now, those stencils didn't cost much, but the kindness and trust extended to me, a total stranger, made me feel like a million bucks.

I don't know a thing about Adam's cat but I was the cat with the cream. What a great place John and I had chosen to live. Purr, purr.

Fun abounds in Towns.


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