07 February, 2014

Cheap or Cheep

When you call someone a bird-brain you might want to be specific. Crows, I've observed, are smart. Not very ethical, but smart.

They steal the shiny little tea light candles from my bird bath every chance they get.

They taught me not to lay my gardening gloves on the ground unattended during a work break. I lost two pairs that way (slow learner I am). Two left feet are one thing - two left-hand gloves are another.

Bullies of the avian world, crows destroy the nests of smaller birds. Some nests are shaken into a pile of sticks. Others are air-jacked to who knows where.

Aesop, the Greek of fable fame, brought home the lesson that "Little by Little Does the Trick," with his tale The Crow and the Pitcher. He, too, must have observed those crows in action. 


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