27 January, 2014

Stay & Play Game Nights

While planning Stay & Play Game Nights for the inn, I was reminded of some crazy evenings when John and I were newlyweds, and so were our friends. Just beginning our careers, none of us had what I later learned was called disposable income. I thought we were like most couples just starting their adult lives.

Most weekends would find us with pot-luck suppers at one or another's house or apartment. Meal eaten, dishes cleared, we'd retire to the "game room." Cards or board games sometimes, but mostly it was Charades. The charades were always friendly, but the more often we played, the more intricate the plots became, and the hammier the actors acted. Talk about emoting. This was also true the more wine was poured.*  Armed with Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (that title is false, by the way), I studied more for those games than the SAT's.

Kids, job transfers, spouse changes - life happened and those game nights became less frequent, and then stopped. I still have contact with some folks from the long ago get-togethers, but all who were there are dear and fondly remembered.


*We did not swallow. Just ask former President Bill Clinton.

Personal notes:
K.W. - It isn't the game, it's the gamers.
T. I. - The answer is Ellen Corby. What's the question?

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