08 January, 2014

Goodbye and Hello 

It can't be a new year already! I still have two resolutions from 2013 to break.

This has been a fun year at Chancey Hill Inn. It started in February with a Mardi Gras celebration, complete with masks, doubloons, lots of food, and our revelers. The revelers were the best part. The food wasn't bad either. Must be why we ate like we were going into hibernation and needed to pack in enough to carry us for months (actually, that should read I rather than we).

March just seemed the perfect time for a murder, so by Hannah, we had one. The Murder Mystery Weekends continue to entertain. The corpus delicti must have been delectable as resuscitation attempts were administered by several female suspects. The attempts were only red herrings and the crime was solved.

The April showers of Spring (which lasted through August) held off long enough for us to have some al fresco fun on Memorial Day Weekend. When's the last time you ate and played games outdoors with friends? We looked like competitive kids as we tried to win at hula hoops, lawn darts, frisbee flings, and bean bag tosses. And there were fantastic prizes for the winners such as bird whistles, frisbees, and even whoopee cushions. Playing outside is great for body and soul. In my exalted opinion we should all do more of it.


Vine to Wine Weekend in August found us starting a Pinot Grigio, and finishing a Zinfandel-Cabernet blend. Everybody helped to get the new wine started and the Zin-Cab bottled. Pairings, winery tour and tastings, as well as plenty of food and friendship were also on tap (Yes, I know beer is what's on tap, but it's the best I could do).

If not for it raining buckets on the day of our First Summer Scavenger Road Rally in September we might not have been able to stand the excitement. Riddles and clues, relics and Points to Ponder as You Wander, led us to the secret destination for rewards, repast and trivia. Actually a different type of beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The New Year's Eve dinner at Crane Creek Vineyards was eagerly anticipated by our guests, and by us. It far exceeded all expectations - great food, great band, great wine, and a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Four of us have already reserved our spots for the end of this year.

But in addition to all of the events, we were fortunate to spend time with a host of interesting, friendly people who stayed with us throughout the year. Both those with us for the first time, and our returning friends, made 2013 the greatest. We can't wait to see them again and to make new friends in 2014.


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