11 November, 2013




Before an idea became a tradition it was a concept. If the concept was lousy it was scrapped. If it was good it was embraced and repeated until it became an awaited pleasure for certain occasions. And thus a tradition. I've got a good feeling about the new event concept at Chancey Hill Inn.

We're eager to start our New New Year's Eve event package with our treasured (and I don't use that term lightly) friends at Crane Creek Vineyards. If you've stayed with us before you may have visited Crane Creek. Of course the setting is serene, the wine excellent, but I've got to tell you the people at the vineyard are its soul. A soul with a big heart and tremendous talent.

Owners Eric and DeAnne, General Manager/Chef David, and a cracker jack staff are premiering a New Year's Eve soiree complete with a five course dinner, selected wines for each course, and a live band. David told me to dust off my cha cha shoes, even though he's seen me dance (think Elaine from Seinfeld). I am atingle* for I know what a grand time is in store.

We've created an event package which includes a night's lodging, dinner and accoutrement at Crane Creek, and transportation so we may all toast in 2014. New Year's Day breakfast at the inn will accommodate both the early risers and the not so early risers.

See our Events page for particulars.


* Using the word atingle was athrilling.

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