29 August, 2013

Fun Fun Fun, No T-bird Required

Oh what fun's in store for you at the Scavenger Hunt Road Rally. John and I wish we could participate, but that wouldn't be fair. We did have a blast plotting the course and planning the clues, stops, and scavenger items.We discovered new, and rediscovered known, treasures of the area in which we settled. So rich in diversity that we had to pare down the course before the event became a Scavenger Hunt Road Sojourn. (We already have at least two more adventures tracked.)

For these two innkeepers, composing the clues has been quite a challenge. We wondered for a while if a graduate of Georgia Tech, and one from Wossamatta U, could find common ground. We did. Butting heads over the design of the commemorative t-shirt resulted in a fine looking piece of upper body wear, with no maiming or divorce.

Really, it has been a pleasure devising this Road Rally, and we're pleased and excited to be sharing it with you.


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