06 May, 2013

Pet Friendly?

"Are you pet friendly?" I know what guests and potential guests mean when they ask. It's not really a yes or no question. I just can't say "no" to being pet friendly. Some of my best friends have been animals.

Life for me started with two siblings - a human sister, Donna, and a mixed-breed terrier sister, Brownie. People and animals living together is normal and pleasurable to me.

John and I made a calculated decision not to have pets of our own when we went into the hospitality industry, nor to accommodate those of guests. It seems unfair and unwise to expose people with animal allergies or aversions to pets. So while I am friendly to and with pets, for the comfort of all of our guests we have a no pet policy at the inn.

But lucky me. I enjoy many animal friends here in Hiawassee. Lucky you, pet parents. There's a wonderful upscale animal boarding lodge about 10 minutes from our front door.


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