30 April, 2013

Perennial Neighbors

Ah, Spring. Now to what is that a young man's thoughts are suppose to turn? Can't remember the lyric but my own thoughts are on perennials. Both flora and fauna. They're alike. After wintering unseen they return in Spring for fun. Some in the herb garden where the aromas and flavors will be welcomed and enjoyed. Some in the shade and sun gardens where the brown of winter will be replaced by varying shades of green and other colors. And some return from the state of Florida. Many mountain people call them Snow Birds but I prefer Perennial Neighbors. Just like my plant friends, I miss them when they're gone, anticipate their return and enjoy the stay until they leave again. Hurry back, Annie and Greg. Trivia awaits.

Footnote: This was composed from the Octagonal Office (the It's All Good Gazebo) where writer's block was no problem but pleasant distractions were.


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