20 March, 2013


It was a different mob of hustlers, thugs and harpies, but the fun was still there. Although Murder at the Four Deuces has had several successful runs at Chancey Hill Inn, it will be put on ice for awhile. The semi-final curtain call was one for the record books.

The pictures pretty much tell the tale. They don't, however, tell that before Al Capone was head of his own family he was hired as the bartender, bouncer, and henchman (with an eye for the ladies) at the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces Speakeasy. Mr. Capone was also on the payroll of New York's Don of Dons, Capo Toto Tequila.

The pictures also don't tell just how many attempts at resuscitation must be performed before a death pronouncement. Ladies (and I use the term loosely), give it up. If the hip-shimmying Donna Wannabe and Luscious Lea, the charming cigarette girl, can't revive a man, there's no hope. The man is worm food.

This was an exciting, fun night enjoyed by all.

Plans are in the works now for our next Murder Mystery Weekend. There will be another setting, another era, another cast of characters, and of course another stiff. We're positive that, it too, will be a swell time and a delightful little homicide. There's sure to be ghosts of foul deeds past wafting about the place.

As always, gratitude and love are given to Liz and Lea, who help make our events possible and our lives richer.


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