01 February, 2013


Rain, rain, rain - and tornado warnings too. Can't be outside today so I'm doing a little pre-party prep for our upcoming Mardi Gras Carnival. Specifically, I'm dressing Jimma, the monkey (not real), that graces the dining room here at the inn. If you've been here before you know her, and if you haven't I won't even try to explain.

I replaced her Moroccan turban with a gold one, and a purple tiara. She may or may not hold her cigar and martini glass at carnival, haven't yet decided.

This most noble monkey was left to me by Jimmie, John's mother, and holds court from an antique bamboo baby stroller given to me by my mother. Jimma is a smile inducer and always makes me think of the woman who was an excellent mother-in-law, grandmother to my daughter and son, and most of all my dear friend.


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