17 January, 2013


This old dog's tongue is lolling from exhaustion. Figuratively, not literally. We've gone to our respective corners for a breather. Hal Jr., my first very own lap top who barely broke a sweat, sits waiting smugly for the next round. I, on the other hand, must fortify with strong, hot coffee and contrition for those terrible, vile words which Hal had spewing from my mouth like a scene from The Exorcist. We've all heard the adage,
Practice Makes Perfect. I just hope it makes possible.

Note to I-Pad: Lighten up. You're a touch too preachy. When, in an E-Mail, I used Winston Churchill's quote, "When you're going through hell, keep Going", that's what I meant. It just wasn't the same when you changed the H-word to he'll.

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