29 January, 2013


It sounded like fun. We sure wanted it to be fun. John and I plotted our crime and set a date. For aid and abetment I solicited my best friend and only daughter, Amy. We always execute well together.

Plans for converting the guest lounge and dining room into a 1920's Speakeasy were well underway, and getting way over the top. John, ever the voice of reason (yawn), brought our grandiose transformation back to earth with a thud. He reminded us that after the case was solved, and before retiring for the night, the speakeasy had to be reconverted to a dining room so breakfast could be served in the AM.

Reservations began to come in and soon we had a full house. On Friday evening the co-conspirators assembled for wine and nibbles, and to meet each other before donning their 1920's frocks and alter-egos for Saturday night.

As "Loose lips sink ships" I'll say no more about murder most fun except that it was. So much so that we're committing it again. Dinner will be served. We are, after all, civilized.

Dale aka Peter the Waiter

Check the fun from the last visit to the Four Deuces.

17 January, 2013


This old dog's tongue is lolling from exhaustion. Figuratively, not literally. We've gone to our respective corners for a breather. Hal Jr., my first very own lap top who barely broke a sweat, sits waiting smugly for the next round. I, on the other hand, must fortify with strong, hot coffee and contrition for those terrible, vile words which Hal had spewing from my mouth like a scene from The Exorcist. We've all heard the adage,
Practice Makes Perfect. I just hope it makes possible.

Note to I-Pad: Lighten up. You're a touch too preachy. When, in an E-Mail, I used Winston Churchill's quote, "When you're going through hell, keep Going", that's what I meant. It just wasn't the same when you changed the H-word to he'll.

10 January, 2013

LUCKY 2013

Innkeeping continues to be a pleasure for John and me. Well worth the work. We get to meet and host wonderful, interesting people. The events here at Chancey Hill Inn allow us to spend time having fun with our guests, so we're planning quite a few this year.

Beads, coins and swirls of green, purple and gold will festoon the inn to give the proper festive air to our first Mardi Gras Carnival ( February 8-10). Masks and perhaps a voodoo doll or two will add a bit of mystique. And of course plenty of food will give reason to repent in Lent.

March 15-17 delivers another Murder Mystery Weekend to the mountains. This just may become an annual incident as last St. Paddy's Day's mayhem was such a blast.

April 5-7 may or may not bring showers, but it will bring another Vine to Wine Weekend. The previous four V2WWs have been a hoot-and-a-half, and we know Number 5 will be too.

We've got a lot up our sleeves for the coming year. Keep checking our web site for all the scoop.

Health and Happiness in 2013.