02 December, 2013

The Chancey Hill Inntel

The Chancey Hill Inntel

Attention! Attention!  -  New Tradition Making Its Debut at 
Chancey Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast on December 31, 2013.

This reporter has learned that the four-year tradition of closing Chancey Hill Inn for business on New Year's Eve will be broken. This year the innkeepers and their guests will be joining the good folks at Crane Creek Vineyards for a five, count them, five course dinner complete with wines. Sources reveal that a swinging band will be providing listening and dancing pleasure.

Commercial transportation from the inn to the vineyard, and back to the inn, is also purported. The buzz on the hill is that this will become the new New Year's Eve tradition.

See the Events page on the Chancey Hill Inn web site to "Read All About It."

Hedda Harmon
Hiawassee, GA

11 November, 2013




Before an idea became a tradition it was a concept. If the concept was lousy it was scrapped. If it was good it was embraced and repeated until it became an awaited pleasure for certain occasions. And thus a tradition. I've got a good feeling about the new event concept at Chancey Hill Inn.

We're eager to start our New New Year's Eve event package with our treasured (and I don't use that term lightly) friends at Crane Creek Vineyards. If you've stayed with us before you may have visited Crane Creek. Of course the setting is serene, the wine excellent, but I've got to tell you the people at the vineyard are its soul. A soul with a big heart and tremendous talent.

Owners Eric and DeAnne, General Manager/Chef David, and a cracker jack staff are premiering a New Year's Eve soiree complete with a five course dinner, selected wines for each course, and a live band. David told me to dust off my cha cha shoes, even though he's seen me dance (think Elaine from Seinfeld). I am atingle* for I know what a grand time is in store.

We've created an event package which includes a night's lodging, dinner and accoutrement at Crane Creek, and transportation so we may all toast in 2014. New Year's Day breakfast at the inn will accommodate both the early risers and the not so early risers.

See our Events page for particulars.


* Using the word atingle was athrilling.

02 October, 2013

Roaring Good Time

I say this in all sincerity and all humility, if you weren't here for Chancey Hill Inn's first Scavenger Road Rally, it was your loss. 

Mother Nature chose near-monsoon rain, and we always mind our Mother. She knows best. If the weather had been any better we couldn't have stood the fun.

Ain't no more to say.


Our First Winners

29 August, 2013

Fun Fun Fun, No T-bird Required

Oh what fun's in store for you at the Scavenger Hunt Road Rally. John and I wish we could participate, but that wouldn't be fair. We did have a blast plotting the course and planning the clues, stops, and scavenger items.We discovered new, and rediscovered known, treasures of the area in which we settled. So rich in diversity that we had to pare down the course before the event became a Scavenger Hunt Road Sojourn. (We already have at least two more adventures tracked.)

For these two innkeepers, composing the clues has been quite a challenge. We wondered for a while if a graduate of Georgia Tech, and one from Wossamatta U, could find common ground. We did. Butting heads over the design of the commemorative t-shirt resulted in a fine looking piece of upper body wear, with no maiming or divorce.

Really, it has been a pleasure devising this Road Rally, and we're pleased and excited to be sharing it with you.


22 August, 2013

Loose Female in Towns County

An incident occurred recently in idyllic Towns County, in fact right here in The City of Hiawassee. I feel it is my duty to report it to the public.

On Monday last, the flashing lights of patrol cars grabbed John's and my attention as we wended our way down Chancey Drive.  Calls about the loose female traipsing wantonly on Bell Street had come in early. Law abiding citizens demanded she be apprehended before the activity she was conducting became wide-spread. The attractive, head-strong girl with big brown eyes showed no respect for the voices of authority. Officers ,hoping to keep this an isolated violation ,deemed physical action necessary. She demonstrated no malice as an officer, who apparently had some prior history with this type of behavior, placed an arm around her neck and led her from the kudzu field where she was happily chomping.

She is currently being held in a neighboring pasture. She appears to be content and shows no remorse for her morning "crime" spree.

I just adore living here!


19 August, 2013

Long and Winding

The long and winding road that leads to- - -exciting adventure, detecting, a secret destination, but mostly to fun! As if the delightful drive on mountain roads weren't enough, you'll be deciphering clues, collecting objects or photos,and racking-up points to win prizes (neat prizes) at the culmination of the 1st Scavenger Road Rally at Chancey Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast. Keep a sharp eye in route. You never know where a clue may be lurking.

12 August, 2013

Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest!

All the wines and foods were planned to compliment each other. We all went through Round 1 just as planned. Round 2, ditto. Then LO declared, "I'm going rogue."

She dared to pop one of the tiny apple pies intended for the Apfelwein into her mouth and followed it with, gasp, a slug of Mountain Harvest Red. The immortal words of Gomer Pyle went through my head and out my mouth, "Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest!" "Hummm yummm" said Liz. Then someone said, "Let me try it" as another mismatched duo disappeared. And then complete chaos reigned.

Whites with red pairings, reds with white pairings, and I just don't know what all. But you know, everything was good. The foods and wines all got along fine, like guests as a dinner party.The final Vine to Wine Weekend of 2013 was ... "Shazam!"


26 July, 2013


Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and apparently badder.

Our upcoming Murder Mystery Weekend (August 23-25) takes place in Cactus, Texas, where karaoke isn't the only thing wailing at Bubba's Bar. Honky Tonk Homicide will give us all a chance to channel our inner characters from Urban Cowboy. Who can forget Debra Winger on that bull? Even Mick Jagger and the Stones belted out that we all need "Honky Tonk Women," while Kitty Wells preached that "It wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Women."

Dust off your ten gallon Stetson and circle the trailer park abodes. Suck down a little bourbon and branch to cut the dust, so to speak, and come on over to Bubba's (aka Chancey Hill Inn). We might even do a little boot-scooting before, during and after someone starts pushing up daisies.

Dinner will be served.


Murder Mystery Details

12 July, 2013


Oh boy. Another of our wine making weekends is coming up August 2-4, 2013. These are a blast for everyone. Guests, partners, and even for us, the "hired hands."

The fun starts on Friday evening right here at Chancey Hill Inn. We sip, we nibble, we compare the changes in taste that the food has on wine and wine on food. We discuss and we get to know each other.

We'll have a private tour of Crane Creek Vineyards after breakfast on Saturday, learning how grapes are grown for the making of wine, the production process, and the taste of different wine varietals. Our friends at CCV then have a tasting of their wines for us, with a food pairing of whatever they choose to serve. We don't know what it will be but we know it will be primo.

The work begins Saturday evening. You'll learn about personal wine making from a true master - our friend Joe who has been making wine for almost 40 years. He and his gracious wife Liz have a wine making area in their beautiful home that overlooks Lake Chatuge, and they share both their knowledge and some of their award winning wines with us. We'll start a batch of wine, enjoy a tasting and some heavy hors d'oeuvres (you probably will not want to go to dinner), and then bottle a batch we started at an earlier V2WW event. Of course you'll take a bottle of the fruits of your labors home with you.

We still have a availability for a few couples, so make your reservations now, as this will be our last V2WW for the year.. Check out details and book your spot online at www.chanceyhillinn.com soon.

We look forward to seeing you.


01 July, 2013


Life as innkeepers in the north Georgia mountains continues to be a pleasure for John and me. After four years I am evolving into a Mountain Woman. (Had a bit of a leg up as my grandmother was a beautiful Cherokee woman from Dahlonega.)

There's a definite learning curve however. When John and I went to get our Georgia drivers licenses after moving here from Charlotte we were delighted at the short line at the DMV. We sat and waited our turns. The room was small so we could, without trying, hear the conversation of the two people ahead of us.

"Jack needs new shoes to show his pig," I heard a woman say to the man beside her. After the two left I asked John "Why do you think a pig cares about a kid's shoes?"

My small town education began as a smiling (okay, she was laughing at me) photographer explained that Jack was a member of the Future Farmers of America and the pig, his project, would be shown in a porcine competition on Saturday evening. I replied "Oh," or something equally dorky.

I believe my face is a little red on my Georgia driver's license.


26 June, 2013

Birthdays, Wines and Murders

With a full house on deck for a Weekend of America's Birthday Celebration, we are tickled red, white and blue. We're hoping the weather will be right for food and outdoor games but there will be no "rain out" here...just a "rain in." (No John, you can't throw lawn darts in the house).

Maybe you've thought about joining us for one of our fabulous Vine to Wine Weekends. Well, now's the time! As much fun as we have pairing, tasting, learning about commercial production, making and trying new wines, our last Vine to Wine Weekend for 2013 is slated for August 2, 3, and 4. These popular weekends will resume as we set our 2014 Calendar of Events.

If frolic and forensics is more your thing, our next Murder Mystery Weekend August 23-25 may be more your cup of Hemlock tea. Details soon, as the plot thickens.

Our Events page is posted on our web site, but keep in mind that even if the dates don't suit your schedule, Chancey Hill Inn is always a great place to be. We'd love to see you soon.


01 June, 2013


Old Friends and New Friends

We celebrated the Memorial Day Weekend in style - 1960's style. It was a gathering of old friends, new friends, and neighbor friends. We stepped back into a simpler, more relaxed time. And what a weekend it was.

We enjoyed having dinner Friday evening with some folks that Dale has known for years, and that I've had the pleasure of getting to know in the last three years or so. As an added bonus, some of their siblings and spouses joined us the next day for the celebration. We spent a great Saturday afternoon at the Mountain Wine Country Spring Festival at Crane Creek Vineyards, enjoying the food, music, and wine being poured by the nine wineries in Mountain Wine Country.

A few of our neighbors joined us and our guests on Sunday afternoon for food and fun, and to the call of "Let the games begin" we kicked off the afternoon picnic. When was the last time you competed in such classics as Frisbee Accuracy throwing, (short) endurance hula-hoops, Jarts (aka lawn darts), and corn-hole? Great prizes were awarded to the contest winners - a paratrooper, bird whistles, a rubber ducky, and even a whoopee cushion?

Don't let me forget the food. Pre-competition hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Real classic picnic eats - smoked Boston pork butt sliders, baked beans, cole slaw, chips. Iced tea, vino, and pomegranate lemonade. And of course various cakes and cookies.

Truly a day full of food, fun, and friendships.
I can't wait until the Fourth of July.


06 May, 2013

Pet Friendly?

"Are you pet friendly?" I know what guests and potential guests mean when they ask. It's not really a yes or no question. I just can't say "no" to being pet friendly. Some of my best friends have been animals.

Life for me started with two siblings - a human sister, Donna, and a mixed-breed terrier sister, Brownie. People and animals living together is normal and pleasurable to me.

John and I made a calculated decision not to have pets of our own when we went into the hospitality industry, nor to accommodate those of guests. It seems unfair and unwise to expose people with animal allergies or aversions to pets. So while I am friendly to and with pets, for the comfort of all of our guests we have a no pet policy at the inn.

But lucky me. I enjoy many animal friends here in Hiawassee. Lucky you, pet parents. There's a wonderful upscale animal boarding lodge about 10 minutes from our front door.


30 April, 2013

Perennial Neighbors

Ah, Spring. Now to what is that a young man's thoughts are suppose to turn? Can't remember the lyric but my own thoughts are on perennials. Both flora and fauna. They're alike. After wintering unseen they return in Spring for fun. Some in the herb garden where the aromas and flavors will be welcomed and enjoyed. Some in the shade and sun gardens where the brown of winter will be replaced by varying shades of green and other colors. And some return from the state of Florida. Many mountain people call them Snow Birds but I prefer Perennial Neighbors. Just like my plant friends, I miss them when they're gone, anticipate their return and enjoy the stay until they leave again. Hurry back, Annie and Greg. Trivia awaits.

Footnote: This was composed from the Octagonal Office (the It's All Good Gazebo) where writer's block was no problem but pleasant distractions were.


20 March, 2013


It was a different mob of hustlers, thugs and harpies, but the fun was still there. Although Murder at the Four Deuces has had several successful runs at Chancey Hill Inn, it will be put on ice for awhile. The semi-final curtain call was one for the record books.

The pictures pretty much tell the tale. They don't, however, tell that before Al Capone was head of his own family he was hired as the bartender, bouncer, and henchman (with an eye for the ladies) at the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces Speakeasy. Mr. Capone was also on the payroll of New York's Don of Dons, Capo Toto Tequila.

The pictures also don't tell just how many attempts at resuscitation must be performed before a death pronouncement. Ladies (and I use the term loosely), give it up. If the hip-shimmying Donna Wannabe and Luscious Lea, the charming cigarette girl, can't revive a man, there's no hope. The man is worm food.

This was an exciting, fun night enjoyed by all.

Plans are in the works now for our next Murder Mystery Weekend. There will be another setting, another era, another cast of characters, and of course another stiff. We're positive that, it too, will be a swell time and a delightful little homicide. There's sure to be ghosts of foul deeds past wafting about the place.

As always, gratitude and love are given to Liz and Lea, who help make our events possible and our lives richer.


22 February, 2013


The term "no brainer" does not apply for me. Thankfully, breathing and scratching when and where it itches are "hard-wired in" so to speak, because for the most part if I don't keep my head in the game it shows.

Thoughts were drifting as I was in the kitchen opening a bottle of bubbly, which I've done thousands of times. Without incident. Don't know how that exuberant little cork flew from the protective towel in my hands and headed straight for the window. On the window sill stands a plastic child's toy, circa 1950's. Green Army Man as us old folks say. He was unearthed when John and I lived in Wilmington, NC.

This steadfast sentinel has stood watch over us in the kitchen windows of three homes in three different cities. He never wavered as the cork hurtled through space and struck him with enough force to lay him out flat. The window did not break. Duty done. Thank you, Green Army Man. You took one for the team.

And you have now been promoted to Green Army Sergeant First Class - all the way!


Daytime Duty

Always Vigilant