17 September, 2012

To Everything...

They look so scraggly now. Time to remove them. Those five grape tomato plants have brought such delight all summer. Planted among the oregano, chives, thyme and others, harvesting for the herb and tomato frittatas we serve has brought joy. Visual joy. Varying shades of green (till the herbs bolted and produced tiny,colorful flowers ) and the the little red orbs dangling from their vines. Aroma therapy joy. Just brushing against the rosemary and mint released pleasant fragrances. And the best joy of all. Those little tomatoes tasted as sweet as sugar. The bees thought so too. A pact was made and amicable function ensued.

The annual herbs will be removed along with the tomatoes. The perennial ones will be trimmed for their winter dormancy. Sort of sad, but time for the cool weather crops. Can't wait. Thanks Mother Nature. Glad you're in charge.


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