05 July, 2012


Although V2WW3 has come and gone it won't soon be forgotten by this innkeeper. In fact, I still reminisce about V2WW1 and V2WW2.  Since two of the couples who attended V2WW3 had been our guests before, we anticipated their arrival as friends returning to visit. We all gather at the Wine Weekends for a common purpose and both old friends and new are ready for a good time.  We did, in fact, have at least three good times. On Friday evening we met and mingled. On Saturday after breakfast, my dear friend  David of Crane Creek Vineyard showed us the ins and outs of a working vineyard and his own brand of  hospitality. David has quite a knack for combining  professionalism and friendliness. He can also combine great food and wine.  Saturday evening the beautiful home of our master winemaker friends, Joe and Liz, was the place to be. Situated on Lake Chatuge, their house has breath-taking views and is the perfect place to make wine. Both Joe and Liz are very knowledgeable and completely generous in sharing what they've learned. Of course sometimes the students get a bit rowdy. I'm still not sure how the contest to see whose vortex is best came to be but Kathy was the hands-down winner. To keep peace in the family Joe did tell Jerry that his sprinkling technique was the best he'd ever seen. LoLa, the collective name for two of our neighbors/friends, always help us and even conduct part of the wine making class. They also enhance the quality of my life more than they know. These Vine To Wine Weekends are so much fun, I can hardly wait for the next one. But I must until August 17-19.

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