29 June, 2012


All of our inn guests are appreciated and many have become good and lasting friends. Lucky us. We also have wonderful friends and neighbors here in these mountains.

We want to share part of the "inn experience" with everyone. On Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 PM the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces Speakeasy will be the setting for our local Murder Mystery Evening. It will be a condensed version of our Murder Mystery Weekend.

Cost for this nefarious great time is just $25.00 a head (try and keep yours), and reservations must be made by July 9. Contact us via email at innkeeper@chanceyhillinn.com or call 706-896-8424.

It would be a crime to miss the fun.

11 June, 2012

Friday Night Wine Pairing

Wine with a twist? You bet!

At Friday night's wine pairing for our upcoming V2WW3 we'll introduce the Two Faces of Evening.

That's all I'm saying. I'll say no more.