29 March, 2012

The Four Deuces Drew Aces

Our first Murder Mystery was simply killer. (If puns are the lowest form of humor then I am base.) Chancey Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast was transformed into The Four Deuces Speak Easy of the 1920s, complete with tray wielding cigarette girl and garter-sleeved bouncer/bartender. The pass-phrase for admittance was given at the last minute with the warning to "speak easy; the law may be listening." Modern allowances were used to make a music play list which brought Duke Ellington, the Gershwins, and Bessie Smith and others to our soiree. Take a look at the pictures to get the story of the guests for this Grand Opening. With fringe and feathers, fedoras and broad shoulders, this was quite a "gang". A champagne toast hailed the event with clinks and winks. Although a slight murder was committed shortly before dinner, no one's appetite seemed to suffer.  From tenderloin and accompaniments to Black Bottom Pie for dessert, only alligator tears were shed for the dearly departed. The whole evening was a blast. If PartyFunsters.Com had assembled this group, most of whom were strangers to each other before Friday night, it could not have been a more congenial crowd. We all meshed together like a gun in a holster to create a time this innkeeper enjoyed and will not soon forget. It was so much fun that after dinner and the solving of the mystery, we all danced.  Thank goodness for the iPod. The play list was changed as few of us knew how to Charleston or Black Bottom.  This was the real Cat's Meow. Thanks to all who were here. You made the opening of The Four Deuces truly grand.

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