06 February, 2012

What's All The Flap About

Hiawassee Gazette Editorial 

A rebellion never before seen in the youth of our country has spawned a culture of brash young women known as Flappers.  The origin of the term Flapper has many speculations. Some say it refers to a young bird flapping it's wings before learning to fly. Others insist it's the flapping of the braid on the backs of girls too young to wear their hair up. Whatever the root of the word, this reporter blames the sweeping degradation of our young women on the unrelenting influence of France and to a lesser degree on Mother England. The emergence of Trans Atlantic travel and moving pictures have inundated the impressionable minds.  These Flappers are so brazen as to bob their hair, their crowning glory, and to bare their arms and legs in public. They flaunt tradition and respect in the face of decency. The vulgar animal gyrations of their dances, including but not limited to The Shimmy, The Charleston, and The Black Bottom are eliciting gasps nation-wide. Gaudy baubles hang from their necks. Rings the size of Model T's bedeck their fingers and painted faces stare defiantly through the thick smoke of their ciggies. They even patronize those dens of evil - Speakeasys -knowing full well they are afoul of the law. They may even attend the Grand Opening of The Four Deuces Speakeasy in Hiawassee, Georgia in March.This reporter is horrified.
                                                                                           Prudence Harmon

Post Script  For research purposes only, does anyone in the reading public know where to procure that Max Factor lip tint and face rouge?

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