20 January, 2012

Music of the Age

Man, am I jazzed about our Murder Mystery Weekend ( rescheduled for March 16-18 ) set in a Speakeasy. Jazz. It was the music rage of the age. It was the Jazz Age. The Harlem Renaissance style music. Bessie Smith, George Gershwin, and his lesser-mentioned brother Ira , a true wordsmith, and Duke Ellington. These were the real goods. Not your one-hit wonders. They were on fire in the 20sand they still cook. Who knows, maybe some of them will be dropping by for the grand opening of The Four Deuces Speakeasy in Hiawassee, Georgia.   Researching this decade for what will no doubt be a swinging time has been a true pleasure. Let me prepare these rooms for this weekend's guests and we'll talk fashion of the 1920s. From day wear to formal, the clash of conservatism to body revealing couture had this era really roaring.

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