26 January, 2012


Don Wannabe promises that the Grand Opening of his Four Deuces, ah, Nightclub ( sources say it's really one of those speakeasys ) is to be a fashionable affair. This gala is scheduled for March in Hiawassee, Georgia.  We're told that duds with a decided World War I influence will be in evidence. Leather aviator jackets with colored scarves for women, white for men and goggles all around will create a look that's the cat's pajamas. And can you believe it? Some women will be wearing trousers. Trousers!    This reporter has heard that the Art Deco gowns by Erte, former designer of the Ziegfeld Follies costumes, will be center stage. These plunging neckline, backless, body revealing numbers are sweeping the nation. A craze for jewelry reflecting the Court Of King Tutankhama is also in the fashion forefront since the excavation of his tomb in 1922.  Mr. Wannabe assures these "treasures" will be sported by his elite guests. It's sure to be all glitz and glamor in the mountains this March.  Rumor has it that Mr. Al Capone will make an appearance. While this has not been confirmed, it is sure to be a bang-up event. Look for The Gazette's next installment, "What's All The Flap About," on newsstands soon.

20 January, 2012

Music of the Age

Man, am I jazzed about our Murder Mystery Weekend ( rescheduled for March 16-18 ) set in a Speakeasy. Jazz. It was the music rage of the age. It was the Jazz Age. The Harlem Renaissance style music. Bessie Smith, George Gershwin, and his lesser-mentioned brother Ira , a true wordsmith, and Duke Ellington. These were the real goods. Not your one-hit wonders. They were on fire in the 20sand they still cook. Who knows, maybe some of them will be dropping by for the grand opening of The Four Deuces Speakeasy in Hiawassee, Georgia.   Researching this decade for what will no doubt be a swinging time has been a true pleasure. Let me prepare these rooms for this weekend's guests and we'll talk fashion of the 1920s. From day wear to formal, the clash of conservatism to body revealing couture had this era really roaring.

17 January, 2012

First Wedding

She called and told us of their plans for a small, intimate wedding in the North Georgia Mountains. She had seen our web-site and liked what she saw. There would be the two of them, the official, and if witnesses were needed, us.  This was to be the first wedding at Chancey Hill Inn and we wanted to help commemorate it.

I asked and she told me that her dress was blue. Somewhere between navy and royal. Armed with this info, I called and ordered the tiny, exquisite cake ( a gift from us ) from a local bakery.  Because it was early October, there was still a bouquet's worth of fanciful mountain wildflowers and other bounties from Mother Nature.  A nosegay was fashioned because in my exalted opinion, every bride should carry flowers. 

On the morning of the wedding day he and she left the inn directly after breakfast for a sightseeing adventure. This gave us the chance to ready our little gazebo for the role of wedding altar . While Ma Nature cooperated with flowers, the wind was a different matter.  As I tried to drape the bright and beautiful Indian saris from the gazebo's rafters, they were whipped away and carried down the hill. After my third trip down the ladder and then the hill to retrieve yards of fabric, Plan B was formulated and put into play. I could only loop the saris on the nails used for gazebo Christmas lights. Not exactly the look I'd had in mind but a look all the same.

The appointed wedding time was 5:00 PM.  With the bride and groom dressing for the event, a chilly drizzle began. Although I thought it impossible, the wind kicked-up more.  We were talking of moving things inside, when just at 5:00, the clouds parted and that silver-gray and white, with just a little sunlight, filtered through. It was gorgeous!  He and she were gorgeous and so were those sorry saris. The service was simple and dear.  We toasted with the great bubbly he and she kindly shared with us. I only hope that he and she had as much fun at their wedding as I did.