18 December, 2012


Oh they will, they will. Mardi Gras Carnival at Chancey Hill Inn is the blowout before that self-denial season of Lent. We'll start with a Champagne toast to an evening of New Orleans style festivities and food with a mountain tweak.

The official colors of Mardi Gras, purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power will be aswirl amid Bourbon Street blues and Zydeco jazz. Masked revelers, bedecked with beads, will add an aura of mystique.

We may not be the Big Easy but we are laid-back, happy and ready to boogie. "Eat tonight, for tomorrow we may diet" was coined for this occasion. Select your krewe and make reservations now for our February 8-10, 2013 extravaganza.


06 December, 2012


Wow! Almost 2013! The adage "Time flies when you're having fun" is certainly true.

John and I do have fun working and living at Chancey Hill Inn. 2012 was particularly fun with marvelous guests and special events to die for. And speaking of special events, we're kicking off the New Year with another Murder Mystery Weekend, January 25-27. We expect a thrillin', killing good time.

We'll keep you posted on other events and specials throughout the coming year.


27 November, 2012


There's an excited ripple (please forgive me, I can't help myself) going round about Holiday Wine Weekend. Our guests love the advantage of purchasing a limited edition glass for $10.00, presenting it at each of the ten participating wineries, and enjoying a free tasting at each. Each winery will be offering something special to its Holiday Weekend visitors.

Upon returning to Chancey Hill Inn in the evening guests can compare notes and share nibbles prepared by the innkeepers, while plotting their courses for the next day.

Come take a little break for yourselves before the happy hustle of the holidays begins in earnest. And to add a little "sparkle" to the Wine Weekend, show us your glass and receive $10.00 off your two night stay with us.

21 November, 2012


Saturday and Sunday, December 1 & 2, brings the first Holiday Weekend in Mountain Wine Country.Ten wineries in North Georgia and Western North Carolina are participating in a special weekend event. Visit any of the ten wineries, purchase a limited edition Mountain Wine Country glass, and enjoy a free wine tasting at any (or every) participating winery with your commemorative glass. Each winery will also be offering something special to those enjoying the weekend.

Stay at Chancey Hill Inn and be centrally located to the wonderful wineries in the area. Visit mountainwinecountry.com for details on each winery and the special weekend in December. You may book your stay with us at www.chanceyhillinn.com. We look forward to sharing this great weekend with you.

05 November, 2012

Northeast Georgia 2012 Art Tour Holiday Road Open House Weekend

What the heck is the Northeast Georgia 2012 Art Tour Holiday Road Open House Weekend? Besides one of the longest event names in history, it's a wonderful opportunity to experience the rich art culture of four Appalachian area counties. Some folk art, some refined art, all great art.

Join us this weekend, November 9-11, for a Friday and Saturday night stay and save $30.00.Once you've booked your room contact us for help in logistically charting your course for your self-guided tour. We want you to enjoy your sojourn to the utmost.

Check http://artstoursaturday.com for details on participating venues.

17 September, 2012

To Everything...

They look so scraggly now. Time to remove them. Those five grape tomato plants have brought such delight all summer. Planted among the oregano, chives, thyme and others, harvesting for the herb and tomato frittatas we serve has brought joy. Visual joy. Varying shades of green (till the herbs bolted and produced tiny,colorful flowers ) and the the little red orbs dangling from their vines. Aroma therapy joy. Just brushing against the rosemary and mint released pleasant fragrances. And the best joy of all. Those little tomatoes tasted as sweet as sugar. The bees thought so too. A pact was made and amicable function ensued.

The annual herbs will be removed along with the tomatoes. The perennial ones will be trimmed for their winter dormancy. Sort of sad, but time for the cool weather crops. Can't wait. Thanks Mother Nature. Glad you're in charge.


19 July, 2012

Fruit of the Vine (to Wine Weekends)

It was tough waiting a whole year to drink the Riesling we made last year, but well worth the wait. The wine was good. Darn good. It went down well with the fat roasted hen and green beans with water chestnuts.

Special thanks to our friends, both neighbors and new friends here for Vine 2 Wine Weekends 1 and 2, who made our enjoyment possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

We can't wait to try the Cabernet Sauvignon made possible by our friends who joined us for V2WW2 and V2WW3. We'll be sharing the efforts of our V2WW3 friends as we bottle our Piesporter next month at Vine to Wine Weekend 4. Come enjoy the fruit of the vine with us August 17-19, and help continue these great events as we start another wine we'll bottle at the following Vine to Wine Weekend. 

05 July, 2012


Although V2WW3 has come and gone it won't soon be forgotten by this innkeeper. In fact, I still reminisce about V2WW1 and V2WW2.  Since two of the couples who attended V2WW3 had been our guests before, we anticipated their arrival as friends returning to visit. We all gather at the Wine Weekends for a common purpose and both old friends and new are ready for a good time.  We did, in fact, have at least three good times. On Friday evening we met and mingled. On Saturday after breakfast, my dear friend  David of Crane Creek Vineyard showed us the ins and outs of a working vineyard and his own brand of  hospitality. David has quite a knack for combining  professionalism and friendliness. He can also combine great food and wine.  Saturday evening the beautiful home of our master winemaker friends, Joe and Liz, was the place to be. Situated on Lake Chatuge, their house has breath-taking views and is the perfect place to make wine. Both Joe and Liz are very knowledgeable and completely generous in sharing what they've learned. Of course sometimes the students get a bit rowdy. I'm still not sure how the contest to see whose vortex is best came to be but Kathy was the hands-down winner. To keep peace in the family Joe did tell Jerry that his sprinkling technique was the best he'd ever seen. LoLa, the collective name for two of our neighbors/friends, always help us and even conduct part of the wine making class. They also enhance the quality of my life more than they know. These Vine To Wine Weekends are so much fun, I can hardly wait for the next one. But I must until August 17-19.

29 June, 2012


All of our inn guests are appreciated and many have become good and lasting friends. Lucky us. We also have wonderful friends and neighbors here in these mountains.

We want to share part of the "inn experience" with everyone. On Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 PM the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces Speakeasy will be the setting for our local Murder Mystery Evening. It will be a condensed version of our Murder Mystery Weekend.

Cost for this nefarious great time is just $25.00 a head (try and keep yours), and reservations must be made by July 9. Contact us via email at innkeeper@chanceyhillinn.com or call 706-896-8424.

It would be a crime to miss the fun.

11 June, 2012

Friday Night Wine Pairing

Wine with a twist? You bet!

At Friday night's wine pairing for our upcoming V2WW3 we'll introduce the Two Faces of Evening.

That's all I'm saying. I'll say no more.


31 May, 2012


We've held them when monsoon rains fell and we've held them when Mother Nature smiled her prettiest. Our Vine to Wine Weekends have been fun. Plain and simple. Our partners in wine, Crane Creek Vineyards, friends Joe and Liz, and of course our beloved neighbors LOLA have helped make the fun happen. And the guests have all been premo. Everybody, including John and me, has gathered for a good time and that's what we've had.

Nothing less is expected for the upcoming V2WW3 slated for June 22-24. We're keeping our Friday night wine pairing under wraps. The element of surprise, don't you know.


28 May, 2012


Our Vine to Wine Weekend is approaching, June 22-24. We'll again have a wine pairing on Friday evening, featuring wines from Crane Creek Vineyards and delicious food items.

After breakfast on Saturday we're off to Crane Creek for a private winery tour and tasting. Many folks that attended our earlier V2WW events have lingered after the tour to enjoy the wonderful setting and great hospitality at the vineyard.

Saturday evening brings the main event, wine making. Our experienced wine maker Joe and his lovely wife Liz will host an informative and lively session. We'll start a new batch of wine, break for a tasting of locally produced wines, and then bottle, cork, seal and label wines that we started last year. You'll get the opportunity to make your contribution to the bottling process.

Please mention V2WW3 when you book your stay with us at http://www.chanceyhillinn.com/, or call for reservations. We look forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you.

Chancey Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast
Hiawassee. GA 30546

17 April, 2012


Alas, my work as an innkeeper is brutal. Our friend Ed is coming to trial-run his Memorial Day Bayou Dinner for John and me and a few of our close friends. We simply must taste his delicious Louisiana fare, which includes jambalaya, gumbo, Cajun bean salad, cole slaw, and a few other Pontchatrain delights. Like the old saying goes, "It's tough, but somebody has to do it." Yum, I mean oh woe.

Our Memorial Day Bayou Dinner will be on Sunday, May 27, and will be included for guests with a three-night stay. We'll need to fill three rooms to make this dinner happen. This too is the American way. (Note to special relative - no, profit is not a dirty word.)


12 April, 2012

Upcoming V2WW3

We anxiously await our third V2WW ( May 4-6 ). Three rooms were snapped up within thirty minutes of the event's announcement.  Though John and I have lived in and enjoyed many places, we've always considered our birth state of Georgia home. Instead of the dessert and wine pairing we've done for the previous Vine To Wines, our Friday evening Guest Reception will feature a variety of North Georgia wines and sweet and savory recipes from the many products of the great state of Georgia. The wines and foods will be paired to enhance and compliment each other with the help of some vintners, chefs, and oenophiles that we know. ( We have such clever, generous friends.)  One of  my favorite places on earth, Crane Creek Vineyards, will again share their harvest and knowledge  with our lucky guests by presenting them with a private tour on Saturday. The lovely Lake Chatuge home of our dear friends will be the back drop for the wine making, tasting, bottling, tasting, nibbles and did I mention tasting, on Saturday evening.  Good friends, good wine, good food, good time.  Join us. Two rooms available. Visit our web site for details and pictures of  V2WW2.

29 March, 2012

The Four Deuces Drew Aces

Our first Murder Mystery was simply killer. (If puns are the lowest form of humor then I am base.) Chancey Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast was transformed into The Four Deuces Speak Easy of the 1920s, complete with tray wielding cigarette girl and garter-sleeved bouncer/bartender. The pass-phrase for admittance was given at the last minute with the warning to "speak easy; the law may be listening." Modern allowances were used to make a music play list which brought Duke Ellington, the Gershwins, and Bessie Smith and others to our soiree. Take a look at the pictures to get the story of the guests for this Grand Opening. With fringe and feathers, fedoras and broad shoulders, this was quite a "gang". A champagne toast hailed the event with clinks and winks. Although a slight murder was committed shortly before dinner, no one's appetite seemed to suffer.  From tenderloin and accompaniments to Black Bottom Pie for dessert, only alligator tears were shed for the dearly departed. The whole evening was a blast. If PartyFunsters.Com had assembled this group, most of whom were strangers to each other before Friday night, it could not have been a more congenial crowd. We all meshed together like a gun in a holster to create a time this innkeeper enjoyed and will not soon forget. It was so much fun that after dinner and the solving of the mystery, we all danced.  Thank goodness for the iPod. The play list was changed as few of us knew how to Charleston or Black Bottom.  This was the real Cat's Meow. Thanks to all who were here. You made the opening of The Four Deuces truly grand.

06 February, 2012

What's All The Flap About

Hiawassee Gazette Editorial 

A rebellion never before seen in the youth of our country has spawned a culture of brash young women known as Flappers.  The origin of the term Flapper has many speculations. Some say it refers to a young bird flapping it's wings before learning to fly. Others insist it's the flapping of the braid on the backs of girls too young to wear their hair up. Whatever the root of the word, this reporter blames the sweeping degradation of our young women on the unrelenting influence of France and to a lesser degree on Mother England. The emergence of Trans Atlantic travel and moving pictures have inundated the impressionable minds.  These Flappers are so brazen as to bob their hair, their crowning glory, and to bare their arms and legs in public. They flaunt tradition and respect in the face of decency. The vulgar animal gyrations of their dances, including but not limited to The Shimmy, The Charleston, and The Black Bottom are eliciting gasps nation-wide. Gaudy baubles hang from their necks. Rings the size of Model T's bedeck their fingers and painted faces stare defiantly through the thick smoke of their ciggies. They even patronize those dens of evil - Speakeasys -knowing full well they are afoul of the law. They may even attend the Grand Opening of The Four Deuces Speakeasy in Hiawassee, Georgia in March.This reporter is horrified.
                                                                                           Prudence Harmon

Post Script  For research purposes only, does anyone in the reading public know where to procure that Max Factor lip tint and face rouge?

26 January, 2012


Don Wannabe promises that the Grand Opening of his Four Deuces, ah, Nightclub ( sources say it's really one of those speakeasys ) is to be a fashionable affair. This gala is scheduled for March in Hiawassee, Georgia.  We're told that duds with a decided World War I influence will be in evidence. Leather aviator jackets with colored scarves for women, white for men and goggles all around will create a look that's the cat's pajamas. And can you believe it? Some women will be wearing trousers. Trousers!    This reporter has heard that the Art Deco gowns by Erte, former designer of the Ziegfeld Follies costumes, will be center stage. These plunging neckline, backless, body revealing numbers are sweeping the nation. A craze for jewelry reflecting the Court Of King Tutankhama is also in the fashion forefront since the excavation of his tomb in 1922.  Mr. Wannabe assures these "treasures" will be sported by his elite guests. It's sure to be all glitz and glamor in the mountains this March.  Rumor has it that Mr. Al Capone will make an appearance. While this has not been confirmed, it is sure to be a bang-up event. Look for The Gazette's next installment, "What's All The Flap About," on newsstands soon.

20 January, 2012

Music of the Age

Man, am I jazzed about our Murder Mystery Weekend ( rescheduled for March 16-18 ) set in a Speakeasy. Jazz. It was the music rage of the age. It was the Jazz Age. The Harlem Renaissance style music. Bessie Smith, George Gershwin, and his lesser-mentioned brother Ira , a true wordsmith, and Duke Ellington. These were the real goods. Not your one-hit wonders. They were on fire in the 20sand they still cook. Who knows, maybe some of them will be dropping by for the grand opening of The Four Deuces Speakeasy in Hiawassee, Georgia.   Researching this decade for what will no doubt be a swinging time has been a true pleasure. Let me prepare these rooms for this weekend's guests and we'll talk fashion of the 1920s. From day wear to formal, the clash of conservatism to body revealing couture had this era really roaring.

17 January, 2012

First Wedding

She called and told us of their plans for a small, intimate wedding in the North Georgia Mountains. She had seen our web-site and liked what she saw. There would be the two of them, the official, and if witnesses were needed, us.  This was to be the first wedding at Chancey Hill Inn and we wanted to help commemorate it.

I asked and she told me that her dress was blue. Somewhere between navy and royal. Armed with this info, I called and ordered the tiny, exquisite cake ( a gift from us ) from a local bakery.  Because it was early October, there was still a bouquet's worth of fanciful mountain wildflowers and other bounties from Mother Nature.  A nosegay was fashioned because in my exalted opinion, every bride should carry flowers. 

On the morning of the wedding day he and she left the inn directly after breakfast for a sightseeing adventure. This gave us the chance to ready our little gazebo for the role of wedding altar . While Ma Nature cooperated with flowers, the wind was a different matter.  As I tried to drape the bright and beautiful Indian saris from the gazebo's rafters, they were whipped away and carried down the hill. After my third trip down the ladder and then the hill to retrieve yards of fabric, Plan B was formulated and put into play. I could only loop the saris on the nails used for gazebo Christmas lights. Not exactly the look I'd had in mind but a look all the same.

The appointed wedding time was 5:00 PM.  With the bride and groom dressing for the event, a chilly drizzle began. Although I thought it impossible, the wind kicked-up more.  We were talking of moving things inside, when just at 5:00, the clouds parted and that silver-gray and white, with just a little sunlight, filtered through. It was gorgeous!  He and she were gorgeous and so were those sorry saris. The service was simple and dear.  We toasted with the great bubbly he and she kindly shared with us. I only hope that he and she had as much fun at their wedding as I did.