04 August, 2011


It just gets better. V2WW1 was grand fun. V2WW2 was spectacular. We had a full house with some of our guests from as far away as Miami. Our Friday evening wine and dessert pairing found some of us total strangers, but after a very short while we knew this group just "clicked." It wasn't just the wine from local Crane Creek Vineyards or the deserts from our own kitchen. The stars were aligned and we were in sync with each other. Four wines and four desserts were served, savored and discussed. (Some wines and desserts more than once.)

The sunset from our deck was nothing short of mystical that evening. Mother Nature was really showing off. In fact we had to steer ourselves back inside to complete our objective - refilling our glasses and plates.
After breakfast on Saturday we visited with our friends at Crane Creek Vineyards. Chef David Sanford, the
man of many talents at Crane Creek, took us on a tour of the vineyards and the winery, explaining Crane Creek's wines and methodologies to us. 

If that weren't enough, he held a tasting of Crane Creek's wonderful wines in the vat room. He also paired several with his great food. We were even able to taste a couple of wines directly from the barrel and vat that were being aged.

After our tour several of our guests stayed at Crane Creek for lunch or just to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the vineyards.

The weekend wasn't all play and no work. At the beautiful home of Joe and Liz, who have been making wine for over 30 years, we started a new batch of wine and then put our guests to work. Our guests took the wine we started at the V2WW1 in April and bottled, corked, sealed and labeled the bottles. Of course we had the pleasure of tasting wines produced by our gracious hosts Joe and Liz and our gracious neighbors Lea and Liz. Spirits were high, to say the least.  Every pun intended.

Our guests left us entirely too early after breakfast on Sunday, but headed home with a little more knowledge about wine and with a bottle of wine made possible by their efforts on Saturday.

We can't wait for another Vine to Wine Weekend. Stay tuned for details on V2WW3.

Dale & John

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