26 April, 2011

V2WW was WOW

The pairing table was set. The wine bar was ready. Make-up mostly covered the dusting-accident bruise on my brow. And then the rain came. In buckets.

I fretted that the weather was going to ruin our planned good time. Wrong. The people here for the dessert and wine pairing were ready to party.

With the shades up in the dining room we could see the rain and hear the gusting wind, but it seemed a world away from the happy chatter and laughter of our guests and us.

It was fun to first taste each wine and then to taste it again with its selected dessert. David from Crane Creek Vineyards knows his stuff and his skill in pairing the desserts and wine was evident. The right wine with the right food is like a great date. They just "hit it off" and complimented each other so well.


Listening to our fellow tasters was interesting and insightful. We were all happily surprised at the different nuances produced in the wine and the food. All of our guests were delightful company and John and I thank them for being here for our first V2WW. Seems a good time was had by all (they told me so). We will definitely do this again.


22 April, 2011


We held our first V2WW last weekend and what a time we had! Everyone, including the hosts (Dale and me) had a blast. Great folks attending made all the difference. We can't wait for our next V2WW (not sure if we should call the next one V2WW2 or what).

We actually started on Friday evening with a dessert wine pairing - wines and dessert pairings suggested by our friends at Crane Creek Vineyards. Guests, friends and neighbors joined us for four rounds of pairings. Food and wine was great, but the company was exceptional.

After breakfast on Saturday morning we were treated to a private winery tour and tasting at Crane Creek. Very informative, relaxing and a lot of fun.

Late Saturday afternoon we convened at the home of our experienced winemaking friends for a hands-on winemaking experience. We started a "batch" of wine, then went through the complete bottling process (filling, corking, sealing and labeling the bottles) of wine produced earlier. Everyone had the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and make it a success. Of course the winemaking was accompanied by hors d'oeuvres and the tasting of several wines produced by our friends and neighbors. This was a special treat for all of us.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, we we're planning V2WW2 for mid-June. Stay tuned for info on the exact dates.

06 April, 2011


I thought I would send out a short post and tell you about the activities coming 
up in the area over the next couple of months, and when I started checking 
things out I realized that it wouldn't really be a "short" list. So here goes.
We still have a couple of spots available for our First Vine to Wine Weekend 
on April 15-17. We're tasting, touring and making wine, and are looking 
forward to a great time.
Licklog Players present "The Prisoner of Second Avenue," a Neil Simon 
comedy, on April 8-10 and April 15-17. Performances at the Peacock 
Playhouse in Hayesville, NC. This is a small, intimate theatre and they do a 
great job with the presentations.
"Carousel" is being presented by the Drama Department at Young Harris College 
on April 15-17. This coincides with the City of Young Harris Spring  Fling and 
Art Fest at Mayor's Park on the 16th and 17th. 
For cyclists, The Southern Appalachian Bicycle Association is sponsoring the 
Jackrabbit Mountain Duathlon April 16 & 17 as well. Ride and run the trails at 
Jackrabbit Mountain. 
The BMW Motorcycle Owners of Georgia are having a rally at the Georgia 
Mountain Fairgrounds here in Hiawassee on April 29 through May 1. 
Vince Gill in concert at Anderson Music Hall at the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds 
on May 6. Tickets available now.
May also brings wine festivals, barbeque competitions, garden tours, arts & crafts 
festivals, plays, and The Big Green Eggfest. Check with us for details.