23 March, 2011


Lo-Tec could be my name. I'm not really sure what a blog is or does, but I was told by a marketing pro that it should be used. I can't fathom why anyone would care about my ramblings but here goes.

John and I are so excited about our upcoming Vine to Wine Weekend, or V2WW as we call it. Yo. Chef David Sanford from Crane Creek Vineyards (the first person who should be cloned if and when), has been advising on wine and dessert pairings for the Friday night tasting at the inn. He didn't give specific recipes so I've been testing and testing. While it's fun I've probably put on 5 pounds.

When we chose Chancey Hill Inn for our bed & breakfast we knew the views were spectacular but how wonderful our mountain friends were to become to us was a grand and total surprise. Neighbors Lea & Liz, collectively known as LOLA, have been generous beyond belief with their time and wine-making equipment. They even helped by eating chocolate and drinking wine with us. Joe & Liz have offered, and we greatly accepted, the use of their lovely lakefront home, heavy duty wine-making equipment, and expertise (Joe has been making and bottling his own wine for over 30 years) for the Saturday night demo. These four people contribute to the City of Hiawassee and Towns County in so many ways. From Meals-On-Wheels, Senior Citizen activities, teaching computer skills to elementary school children, and volunteering the skills they were once employed to use for the benefit of our community. Plus they are just fun.

John and I enjoy meeting our guests and have been introduced to many interest and hobbies by them. Some have inspired us to hold event weekends at Chancey Hill Inn Bed & Breakfast featuring these activities so that we and our guests can share them.

You the Blog Readers are invited and welcomed to give us your input and suggestions on future event weekends.

Now about this blog business. Please critique this maiden voyage for me. I'm too old to be too thin-skinned so don't hold back. I'm asking so please be honest.



  1. Wow!! I get to be first for the first!!! You do have a beautiful place in a beautiful area!! I'm sure the V2WW will be a success. Your blogging skills are great, and I go to quite a few - quilty ones, but lots. Hugs to you on a new venture!! xo

  2. Master Dale, enjoyed the first blog. Looking forward to following your upcoming blogs and hopefully being a part of future event weekends.
    Love Chancey Inn B&B and you guys!!