24 September, 2010


After months of hard work by a great crew, our new web site is up and running. We want to thank a few folks for their efforts.

First, our partners at Acorn Internet Services deserve a round of applause. With Dale and me being as computer illiterate as anyone, Lisa, Annie, Willie, Helena and their associates had their hands full keeping things moving along. Their patience and perseverance kept this project on track, as they pulled us into the 21st century. We hope you'll agree that the site is indeed a testament to their talents and skills.

Our consulting partner, Peter Schermann of the B&B Team, as well as Peter's lovely wife Peggy, did an awesome job with interior photography. Their work truly highlights the renovations that we undertook last year. Our thanks to both of the Schermanns.

We owe particular thanks to our daughter Amy. She took the lead with Acorn in getting this project off the ground, and prodded us to get things done. While we had our disagreements along the way, she continued to push us in many ways to finally get this project completed. We are so proud of her, as well as our son Jay, for all of their help and support.

Check out www.chanceyhillinn.com and let us know what you think of the new web site.